Notes and highlights I want to remember as the weeks fly by.

A quick crit of HEY email

Routing conventions

Rules for cookie banners

Tips for running a good remote meeting

3 little rules for good team communication

Form design patterns webinar, course update, January resolutions

Launching a service, contribution the bank details pattern, design system community building

Defining graceful degradation, Patterns Day, journey mapping, question protocol mapping

Caseworking meetup notes, design system uptake, writing is hard, soft skills are hard

Getting agreement on big decisions, versioning prototype routes, pair writing

Prototyping versioning, ConCon8, beyond screens

Prototype versioning, namespacing design systems, discussing a header component

Prototype kit extensions, small checkboxes and radio buttons, multi-select autocomplete

Semantic HTML, design crits, GOV.UK form components in Angular, pattern sharing

React is not a library, Angular generates wrappers, semantic HTML, defining UX

Writing workflow, context switching and some useful links

Angular forms, hiding elements, boring development, responsive design mindsets

Extending the GOV.UK Design System, progressive enhancement, naming patterns

Form builders, design system thoughts, new design system components

Handling links in Angular, buttons versus links, design system architecture, journey mapping

Defining interaction design, scoping a rich text editor component, links inside SPAs, fudgability